Electric bike in a bag – shut up and take my money

All of you bikers out there must know how it feels like when you can’t find a safe spot to leave your bike in. At the same time, you can never really be sure that your bike will be there waiting for you after being away, since thieves are getting more and more inventive each day. Impossible Technology actually has the solution for these kinds of problems with its new electric bike called the Impossible Bike – because you won’t believe it.

The electric bike from Impossible Technology works on the principle of folding bikes and applies it to an electric bike that could be the perfect solution for those of you who tend to ride your bike around the city or commute to school or your workplace. Impossible Technology thinks that their new electric bike could revolutionize the way we think about bikes and it’s not wrong. The Impossible electric bike design is based on two circles from which wheels can be pulled out and the handle and seat are extended to the top. While the electric bike from the company looks kind of weird, it still is a great idea. The seat also takes the role of a carrying bag, and it’s so small that you can fit it into a backpack or one of those big bags we girls enjoy so much. Imagine a what’s in my bag video featuring the Impossible electric bike. That would be a blast.

Since we’re talking about an electric bike, you shouldn’t be surprised that we aren’t greeted with pedals upon opening the case. The electric motor supplying the juice for the bike will be powered by 10 2900 mAH batteries. Currently, the company says that the Impossible bike can go for as long as 15.6 miles on a single charge. The electric bike also has a weight limit of 180 pounds at the moment, but it is unclear whether Impossible Technology will be manufacturing more types of bikes to fit people with different bodies, too. There are drawbacks regarding the electric bike, too. One of those is that it doesn’t have suspension, which means that bumpy roads will become quite a pain. The carbon fiber frame of the electric bike is also pretty questionable when it comes to how much weight it will be able to actually handle.

The Impossible electric bike is currently on Kickstarter and you can get it for around $530. The company says that units should be up and running by August 2015, which is a long time to wait, but it might be totally worth it. Think about the new graphene supercapacitor technology scientists have been working on: maybe those could be used on an electric bike, making it ecological and economical at the same time. The future holds many new things in front of us, but we shall have to wait and see whether tech of today can be perfected to accommodate the need of tomorrow.