The Crew gets a trailer for its season pass

Last week, publisher Ubisoft had announced a season pass for its upcoming open-world racing title, The Crew. Today, Ubi has also released a trailer to go with it. As mentioned last week, The Crew’s season pass includes new missions, stickers, tuning-kits, and – of course – new cars. Season pass owners will get two exclusive cars on The Crew’s launch date, while also gaining access to future DLC one week in advance. Additionally, the publisher will also throw in a new player versus player mode. Kind of strange to add it via DLC and not free of charge, but there you have it. Each pack will set you back £5.49, or you could purchase the aforementioned season pass for £19.99.

The Crew is an open and persistent world for racing across the United States; it takes 45 minutes to drive from coast to coast in-game. The single-player campaign is 20 hours long, and entails infiltrating criminal groups with protagonist Alex Taylor (Troy Baker). Players can also participate in mini-games called skills that are peppered across the world; they are triggered when a player drives through them and it involves completing challenges such as weaving through gates and staying as close to a racing line for a period of time.

Players’ scores are automatically saved so friends can try and beat their scores, in similar fashion to how Autolog works in games of the Need for Speed franchise. Missions can be played alone, with friends, or via online co-op matchmaking. The multiplayer mode lets a maximum of eight players to compete in races and other game-types. There are no in-game loading screens or pauses. Players can also build cars with a tie-in app for iOS and Android. The Crew launches on December 2nd everywhere but Japan, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Players of the Land of the Rising Sun will get it on December 4th.