Final Fantasy Explorers Shows Off Alexander and Diablos

Final Fantasy Explorers, the upcoming 3DS JRPG from Square Enix, is due out later this year. The game features job based combat against some of Final Fantasy’s classic monsters and summons. Now two more enemies for players to take on have been revealed: Alexander and Diablos.

The first summoning that was revealed was the massive Alexander. Alexander has a variety of attack patterns, utilizing magic, trembling attacks, missiles, and stomping attacks. It will also use its signature attack from past Final Fantasy games: Holy Judgment. While its obvious that Alexander will use close range attacks, the massive adversary can also use ranged attacks comprised of laser beams and missiles.

The second summon based enemy that was revealed was Diablos. Found in a dark cave, Diablos will use some of his signature gravity attacks on your party. Along with the gravity based attacks, Diablos can also utilize its wings, swooping in and damaging your party. Diablos’ wings can also be used as a shield to help block incoming damage. It can also use gravity to position players into fixed spots. On top of that, Diablos can darken parts of the area, making it hard to see whats going on.

Final Fantasy Explorers is a job-based RPG. Jobs include staples from the franchise, such as Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, Paladin, and Dragoon, as well as classes exclusive to the title. The story centers on a group of explorers from the town of Libertas, who hunt the world for crystals, which are the source for life and civilization. The major source of crystals is the island Amostra, where they are guarded by fearsome beasts such as Alexander and Diablos.

Final Fantasy Explorers will release in Japan on December 18th on the 3DS. There is no word on if and when the title will be coming stateside.