Android Lollipop rolling out now to the Samsung Galaxy S5

Although Android Lollipop is still nowhere to be seen on the HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, the latest update to the operating system has reportedly already started rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is a bit unusual as Samsung has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to updating their devices, which lead to more than a few complaints coming from their users. It’s likely that these complaints won’t be coming in any longer now that Samsung is one of the first manufacturers to offer the new Android Lollipop update. As it’s only natural, the company has started the roll out with the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship, although other devices are expected to follow soon as well, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Now, before you get too hyped up and starting checking your smartphone for a notification about the update, I do need to mention that it’s not available in all regions just yet. Tech news outlets like SamMobile and TechGadgetCentral are reporting that Android Lollipop is only available in Poland at the moment. While it’s pretty safe to assume that the update is bound to arrive to the rest of Europe in the coming days, we’re not entirely sure about the US release date. Presumably, Android Lollipop will take a bit longer until it can reach stateside Samsung Galaxy S5 owners due to carrier certification. Verizon Wireless is expected to be the first carrier in the country to offer the update to its users, but again, we don’t when that’s going to happen.

What we do know however is that Android Lollipop is definitely worth the wait as it brings with it a host of improvements and features to the Samsung Galaxy S5. Some of the highlights include: a better user interface, lock screen notifications, battery saving mode, improved fingerprint recognition, MirrorLink, SmartLock, and more. Android Lollipop weights in at about 500 MB on other devices, so we expect something similar for the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well. Make sure you have plenty of available space by the time the update starts rolling out over the air and keep your fingers crossed that it reaches you soon if you live outside of Europe.