Top 10 Software Deals of the Week (12.13.14)

Top 10 Software Deals of the Week (12.13.14) is where we highlight some upcoming sales on both various software titles and console hardware bundles that are too good to not mention for those who don’t already own them. From bundles to digital sales and bargain bin grabs, this is where you’ll find the best deals for the upcoming week.

  1. The complete Batman trilogy on PC is available for only $9.99. You receive: Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins, Arkham Origins season pass, Arkham Origins Black Mask challenge pack and Arkham Origins online supply drop. While Arkham Origins has alot more DLC content portrayed equally with the full games this is still an amazing deal to get the three Batman games for only $3.33 each.
  2. Dragon Age Inquisition is currently listed at $39.99 on Amazon. Inquisition was recently awarded Game of the Year at The Game Awards show in Las Vegas and is very high quality, and that is a big save of $20.
  3. Best Buy is currently running a “Buy two, get third free” sale on titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Halo The Master Chief Collection and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. They are all full priced though but still you can get a $59.99 retail title for free.
  4. Also you have the Nintendo 3DS XL at $149.99, a $50 price cut. The new 3DS XL will be released soon in the United States, sometime in 2015 which may be influencing the sale since Japan recently cut off stock for the original 3DS XL. With that new 3DS you can purchase Pokemon White Version 2 for only $17.99, saving $17 from the original price. Nintendo rarely has sales on software titles, even older ones. Also Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are both in limited stock on Amazon currently so grab it while you can! You can find this 3DS XL deal at Best Buy today only but on Sunday Target will be offering the same discount so grab it while its hot!
  5. Next up is Shadow of Middle-earth, a title that received lots of praise for being a big surprise in terms of fun gameplay. Middle-earth will be only $26.80 at GMG, the lowest price of any triple AAA title only three months after release.
  6. The Xbox One bundle with Halo The Master Chief Collection will be $349 at Wal-mart. This is only $20 more than the Black Friday deal that was offered on Thanksgiving. The Xbox One will not come with a Kinect or the previously offered $30 Wal-mart gift card but is still a great deal since it comes with four games on one disc and a multiplayer function that is (mostly) fixed.
  7. Additionally Toys R Us is offering a free $50 gift card when you purchase an Xbox One console.
  8. Amazon has Tales of Xillia 2 at $19.99 from the previous price of $39.99. This title is a direct sequel to the popular Tales of Xillia game and has been received well by fans and critics. Consider it a bang for your buck type of deal.
  9. Bioshock Infinite is available for only $9.99 on Xbox 360 from Amazon. This is a huge steal for on of 2013’s best games.
  10. Lastly you can purchase a PlayStation 4 console and choose a free digital game from the following: Far Cry 4, Destiny, NBA 2K15 or LittleBigPlanet 3.