PS4 sales now at over 16 million, Xbox One at only 9 million

The console wars rage on as both the PS4 and the Xbox One reach a new milestone in terms of sales. According to the latest figures, Sony already managed to sell over 16 million consoles as of November 29th. Coincidentally, Black Friday took place just a day before and as you can imagine, more than a few units were sold around that period. To be more specific, Sony is believed to have sold 1,193,346 PS4 consoles during the week ending on November 29th. That’s a pretty impressive number of units sold in a single week, although the same can be said about rival Microsoft and their Xbox One console as well.

The latest reports indicate that the Redmond-based company managed to sell 1,115,990 units during the aforementioned week. This brings the total number of Xbox One sales to 9,133,686, which is certainly not too shabby, but still much lower than the 16,146,005 PS4 consoles sold by Sony. As for sold games, we’re looking at some pretty big numbers here, specifically 61.8 million for the PS4 and 34.6 million for the Xbox One. These figures represent only games sold worldwide at retail stores. The situation could very well be a bit different now as more than two weeks have passed since November 29th, but these numbers still serve to give us a pretty good indication of where each console stands at the moment.

Although the Xbox One seems to be in a pretty bad spot at the moment, the truth is that Microsoft has made quite a bit of progress lately towards catching up with the PS4. Last month the company’s console sold better than its rival’s, thus breaking a streak that lasted for ten months. We don’t know by what margin the Xbox One won, but we can only assume that the difference in sales wasn’t all that big considering that the PS4 actually sold a bit better on Black Friday.