Free games this weekend include Civilization: Beyond Earth and Saints Row IV

The weekend has technically not started yet, but Steam thinks otherwise and is offering a couple of free games for us to enjoy until the end of the week. Seeing as how we ‘re not in the habit of looking a gift horse in the mouth, we haven’t asked them to give us any explanations regarding their reasons for doing this. All we know is that you can grab both Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth and Saints Row IV and play them to your heart’s content until this Sunday at 3 PM Pacific Time. That’s about three whole days of free games, which is not a bad deal at all. In addition, not only are these games free, but you’ll also be able to purchase them at a discount during this period.

Civilization: Beyond Earth may not be the best entry in the long-running series, but it’s still a pretty good game all things considered. I personally liked and I advise you give it a shot if you enjoy turn-based strategies, of which there aren’t too many these days unfortunately. After Civilization: Beyond Earth exists the free games territory this Sunday you will be able to purchase it on Steam for the price of $40, but until then you can get it for only $30. As for Saints Row IV, we’re looking at a pretty ridiculous 75% discount which brings the game down to only 5 bucks until Sunday. Speaking of Steam and free games, Nosgoth is scheduled to enter the open beta phase next week so make sure to check it out.