The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 15 Minute Gameplay Video Will Slay You

The video you’re about to watch contains dive bombing wyverns. You’ve been warned. The wizards at developer CD Projekt Red have deemed us worthy of receiving 15 minutes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC gameplay. Enjoy every gorgeous frame as Geralt rides across mountain tops, saunters into seedy taverns, and hunts a massive gryphon. The video from Eurogamer Portugal shows off a series of side quests that have been somewhat haphazardly edited together in this video. Not that we’re complaining. What’s on offer shows off The Witcher 3’s incredible graphics, a compelling body of evidence that flies in the face of accusations of a recent downgrade.

Geralt starts the trailer in a dank cavern, laying waste to a nasty wraith before leaving the mouth of the cave to reveal the scale and splendor of the open world. He mounts his horse, heads down a snowy mountain through the forest and soon comes to a farming village named Blandare. Stopping at the bulletin board, he picks up a quest (or 6). As he leaves the town he comes across an NPC bounty hunter named Djenge Frett (geddit!?), who’s eager for some help.

After a quick chat, Geralt accepts a contract to hunt the Grossbart brothers, a trio of arsonists, rapists, murderers and grave robbers. You could decline, but where’s the fun in that? No doubt to show off the sheer scale of The Witcher 3’s world, he then heads over to a signpost and fast travels to a port town far, far to the northwest. It’s a place called Kaer Trolde Harbor, which appears to be suffering from an infestation of manic geese. The scene shifts to an in-game cinematic of Geralt again on horseback, this time accompanied by a bearded companion – another Witcher? Hearing a cry for help, both men spur their horses on, only to be met with a grisly sight, gryphon feasting on the insides of a rather unfortunate horse. Spotting the men, the beast takes to the air, before swooping low and wounding Geralt’s companion and making off with its lunch.

From there we’re treated to a smattering short scenes depicting a mix of gameplay and cutscenes from the game. The video ends with a brief but rousing trailer, featuring quick cuts of Geralt and a number of other witchers hunting an assortment of monsters with extreme prejudice. It closes on Ciri, on the run from the titular Wild Hunt. Needless to say, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt looks incredible. The game’s already been delayed twice, and this trailer makes the wait for the May 19th release date all the more painful.