Metal Gear Rising 2 a possibility?

The world of gaming has shifted its focus on Asia the past few days with the Intel Extreme Masters Taipei events, but people have new grounds for speculation after the Taipei Game Show 2015 live stream. During the PlayStation 4 sizzle reel at the Sony booth that showcased trailers for The Witcher: Wild Hunt, NBA2k15, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain, Bloodborne and many more, an image was inserted into the Order: 1886 trailer. This image is not consistent with Order: 1886’s feel, in that it has a more futuristic style rather than Victorian England or steam-punk, which is more akin to what we are used to from the Order: 1886. This image, together with previous rumors concerning the games development, prompted the speculation from fans world-wide that it might be a teaser for Metal Gear Rising 2.

The style of the image is similar to the font of Metal Gear Rising: Revengace’s logo. Hideo Kojima, who was attending the event, did not confirm the suspicions of the fans, but he is famous for dropping sneaky clues and hints about upcoming projects. He mentioned way back in January 2012, that making a franchise based on the game depends on the game’s popularity, but he would be interested in making a sequel and he would like Platinum Games to come back as developers. 

If we check Mr. Kojima’s Twitter feed, he has been meeting up with Platinum Games CEO Tatsuya Minami at the end of 2014, the two have also been seen together at E3 convention. These are all encouraging signs, but a confirmation. Fans are excited at the prospect of having Raiden return, but they are also hopeful, that it will be available on multiple platforms and not face the same problems with region locking, as with the first installment of the game.

The exact moment of the teaser can be found on the recording of the Twitch stream at the 2:46:33 mark.