Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Contradiction

Today’s spotlight is on Contradiction: the all-video murder mystery adventure. This was basically the easiest choice for a Greenlight Spotlight entry that I have had to make so far. I am a sucker for FMV games, new and old. Games like Supreme Warrior and the Tex Murphy series have been staples in my gaming library for years. I grew up with the cheesy detective mysteries that Magnum P.I. and the Rockford Files provided, and I still love a well done mystery to this day. Contradiction was initially released on the iPad, but I have never played it and intend on waiting for the PC release to give it a whirl, as they are planning to update gameplay mechanics to make the game more enjoyable to play.

Contradiction’s gameplay is mainly based around finding clues that are scattered throughout the various environments in the game. Once you have collected all of the clues, you can then speak to people regarding the crime. Many of the conversations that take place in the game will consist of the other person lying to you, and you must use the evidence that you have found to prove that they are lying. The game gets its title from the fact that liars always end up contradicting themselves, and this makes it easier to call them out on their various lies.

The FMV component of the game hopefully brings out some Tex Murphy style B-movie acting that is both hilarious and compelling. For me, there is no better story than a solid murder mystery, and we can only hope that Contradiction is able to deliver on its promises if it makes it through Greenlight. Since it was met with moderate success on the iPad, I have higher hopes than I would normally have for a title that is in early development on Greenlight. On the other hand, I also expect the difference between the mobile and the PC version to be noticeable since there is extra development time and funding in play.

Apparently FMV games and masks go hand in hand.

I’m not sure how many other fans of the FMV style of gaming are still left out there, but I’m sure those that are will be very interested in keeping up with Contradiction throughout the development cycle. Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure ending up being quite successful through its Kickstarter campaign and beyond, and we can only hope that the same happens for Contradiction. I am a huge advocate for FMV in games, and I can only hope that we continue to see more companies experimenting with it in the future. If you are interested in taking a look at Contradiction, you can check out their Greenlight page and consider leaving a vote and some constructive feedback. Contradiction received full funding on its Kickstarter campaign, so we can hopefully look forward to seeing it release in the near future.

What games on Greenlight are on your radar lately?