Galaxy Note Edge Android Lollipop update rolling out on T-Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is regarded as one of the best smartphones of 2014, right next to the Galaxy Note 4, its more flat brother. The Galaxy Note Edge has a an edge display that’s similar to the one on the newly launched Galaxy S6 Edge, but on only one side. Although originally the Galaxy Note Edge was meant to be a limited edition smartphone from the South Korean giant, it turned out to be more popular than anybody would have thought and inspired Samsung to create the Galaxy S6 Edge. Although pretty pricey, the Galaxy Note Edge can be had for a reasonable price if you opt for a contract, and it looks like those who have chosen this path and went with T-Mobile should be getting a surprise this week.

It seems that the Galaxy Note Edge Android Lollipop update to version 5.0.1 is finally live on T-Mobile, although many are saying not to update as there are pretty many bugs in the software still. Most users of various Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S6, Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge are advising people to wait until Samsung releases Android 5.1 to update. Samsung has reassured customers who were experiencing problems after updating their smartphones to Android Lollipop that micro-updates were on their way to fix the issues. We would say that if you own a Galaxy Note Edge on T-Mobile, definitely update and wait for the micro-updates from Samsung to come in, as from our understanding, they don’t need to be approved by carriers in order to be sent to phones OTA.

The Galaxy Note Edge on T-Mobile is getting a bump to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, and it’s a bit late to the game as many other smartphones are already on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. T-Mobile is late updating the Galaxy Note Edge in relation to Sprint, too, as the other company had sent out the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update a month ago for their variant of the Galaxy Note Edge. Before letting that update download, Galaxy Note Edge users on T-Mobile should make sure to have at least 2 GB space available, because this update is pretty large. Also, make sure to use a good Wi-Fi connection and start with a full battery for a smooth experience. If your phone dies during the update, you might have big fish to fry and might even brick the phone, so be careful. Until a newer Android Lollipop update is available, the Galaxy Note Edge will be staying on build number┬áN915TUVU1BOD7.