Lazer Team: Release dates and where to watch

Rooster Teeth’s crowdfunded movie, Lazer Team, has just received a release window (outside of it’s premiere in Austin) as well as a unique, new distributor. In January 2016, you can watch Lazer Team in theaters, and Indiegogo campaign backers will receive their physical and digital versions of the film at the same time.

The four idiot protagonists, prior to finding the super suit

For those who haven’t backed the Indiegogo campaign or have concerns that their nearest movie theater won’t be showing the movie (or simply don’t want to go outside), then don’t fret: Lazer Team will be coming to Youtube as well. In a press release document, it is stated that Lazer Team will also be distributed by Youtube’s new paid membership program, Youtube Red.

“Rooster Teeth is thrilled to partner with Youtube to bring Lazer Team to this exciting new platform,” said Matt Hullum, the CEO of Rooster Teeth. “We want to make sure that Lazer Team reaches the broadest audience possible, and that our fans worldwide have easy access to watch it anytime, anywhere. Youtube’s powerful digital distribution channel ensures that this will happen.”

In other news, Youtube will have a subscription service

Youtube Red is a paid membership (for $10.00 a month) version of Youtube, set to roll out on October 28th. The platform is stated to be ad free and will feature exclusive new shows and movies in 2016, one of which will be Lazer Team. Members of Youtube Red will also be able to download videos off of Youtube and mobile app users will be able to watch (or more accurately, listen to) videos in the background of their mobile device even if all other apps or their screen is turned off. Memberships can be canceled at any time, so if you just want to watch Lazer Team you can pay the $10.00 membership fee and cancel your subscription right after.

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