Mass Effect: Andromeda official launch postponed to 2017

Though originally planned for release in 2016, Mass Effect: Andromeda was delayed until publisher EA’s fourth fiscal quarter 2017 – meaning we could expect the game to drop somewhere between January and March.

Originally reported by Destructoid,¬†comics publisher Dark Horse seems to have inadvertently narrowed the release window down to March 21, 2017. On the US Amazon listing of their upcoming book “The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda,” (which is due for release on March 21) Dark Horse notes the book will release “simultaneously with the game!”

Amazon UK’s site lists the book’s release date as March, 23, which either suggests the late March dates are still somewhat approximate or implies Europe might see a delayed release by a few days. BioWare has yet to confirm either of these dates, but they do line up with their previous promise to release the game by the end of EA’s fiscal year.