The Ringed City Announced for Dark Souls III

Dark Souls is a franchise that has traveled down a long and winding path. A successor to Demon’s Souls, it proved to be a surprising hit in the west. It proved to be a very successful endeavor with Dark Souls becoming a gaming icon. It spawned two sequels, inspired Bloodborne, and helped codify a new approach to difficulty in gaming. All of the Dark Souls games have received a healthy level of DLC support, including the last one in the trilogy. However, the tale is finally coming to a close on the Dark Souls series. The Ringed City will be released for Dark Souls III this March, ending the franchise.

The Ringed City will focus on the player character traveling to the aforementioned city. Literally on the edge of the world, the Ringed City is no safer than anywhere else in this series. The player will be searching for Slave Knight Gael as he himself searches for the Dark Soul of Humanity. Brutal combat and beautiful environments have been promised, a staple that fans have come to expect. Whether this case for the Dark Soul is one that will change the landscape of the world is yet to be seen. It may end in pointless tragedy, fitting the tone of the games. We’ll see.

The previous DLC for Dark Souls III, Ashes of Ariandel, was poorly received. Some enjoyed it, but felt that it was too short for its price tag. Others simply found it to be underwhelming in general. Both it and The Ringed City are a part of the Dark Souls III season pass, but it is unclear if that will be appealing to some. Indeed, after Ashes of Ariandel, many may be skeptical towards The Ringed City. One way or another, my fingers are crossed. These games are very close to my heart, and I hope From Software ends them on a high note.