The director of Arkane Lyon strongly criticizes the closure of Xbox studios, describing it as a deeply painful and shocking blow

Dinga Bakaba, the head of Arkane Lyon Studio, has been unequivocal in his criticism of the Microsoft leadership’s choice to close several studios owned by Bethesda. He accuses the company of transforming development environments into “Darwinist jungles.”. Shortly after the news broke that Microsoft would be shutting down Tango Gameworks, Arkane Austin, and Alpha Dog Games, Bakaba expressed his views on Twitter. Additionally, Roundhouse Studios is being merged into Zenimax Online Studios. Requesting permission to express his humanity momentarily, Bakaba unleashed:

“To any executive perusing this, it is important to remember that video games constitute an entertainment and cultural sector. As a corporation, your primary responsibility is to support and nurture your artists and entertainers, enabling them to generate value for your organization.” Please refrain from involving us in schemes driven by excessive desire for wealth, using us as scapegoats for errors or oversights, or creating work environments that promote ruthless competition. You claim that we elicit your pride when we produce a commendable game. Exhibit admirable behavior during difficult circumstances to bring honor to us. We are aware of your ability; we have witnessed it previously.

This is an unexpectedly sincere perspective that we can relate to, and it seems that even the leaders of Microsoft’s studios have reached their limit. While we do not profess to be authorities on international employment law, there has been speculation regarding the possibility of Bakaba facing reprimands for his morally justifiable statements. Bakaba and Arkane Lyon are located in France. According to Jez Corden from Window’s Central, Europe is known for providing strong employee protections.

Bakaba earnestly implored audiences and executives to exhibit a modicum of elegance during this challenging period, stating, “At present, exceptional teams are once again disbanding right before us, and it is an immensely distressing blow.” Lyon is a secure location; however, it is important to exercise sensitivity and judgement in regards to this matter. It is crucial to show respect for the opinions and experiences of those affected and allow them the opportunity to express themselves. The responsibility lies with them to narrate their own story and articulate their own emotions.