Xbox One July system update now available

The latest software update for the Xbox One is now available to download from Xbox Live. The update will roll out to all players over the course of the next few days, with users being prompted to download it when they sign into Xbox Live. Microsoft first revealed the details of the latest patch in June. It will provide a variety of new features in addition to giving players simpler access to pre-existing features such as achievements.

The most prominent of the new features is the ability to use the snap mode to view achievements. Previously players would have had to go back to the dashboard and load up the Achievement app to see what they had unlocked. However, now they will be able to track their Gamerscore without leaving the game, much like on the Xbox 360. Other new features include the ability to get help for tricky achievements as well as being able to double-tap the guide button to bring up the Snap Center. Microsoft has also added support for more spoken languages for Kinect voice commands, including countries such as New Zealand and Austria, in addition to adding a ‘Like’ function to shared game DVR clips.

The Xbox One has already received its fair share of system updates over the past year. Previous updates have added support for Dolby Digital surround sound, improvements to SmartGlass, allowed the use of your own name on Xbox Live and added the ability to use external storage on the console. Despite Microsoft’s willingness to add support for these features into the console, many were functions that were expected to be in from day one. The Xbox One originally launched to much criticism about its user interface, with things like Achievements being hard to access compared to on the Xbox 360. But if the company continues to improve the console with further update, players will more than likely forget the initial problems.