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The latest Xbox One update brings Titanfall support and other enhancements

The latest system update for the Xbox One is here, just in time for the release of Titanfall. Released on the 4th of March, this update features a variety of improvements, many of which focus on players’ experiences with friends online. The update also focuses on multiplayer experience in general Some of the changes include easier access to the friends list, shortening the process to invite friends to your games, and party chat audio being on by default.

Other updates include the ability to output at 50Hz, changes to allow Dolby Digital surround sound over HDMI, and general improvements to Xbox One Smartglass as well as Twitch streaming support, which is coming slightly later on March 11th. It seems that Microsoft is doing all it can to improve player experience for Titanfall’s release this week. The Xbox One should now be ready to handle Titanfall perfectly. However, reports show that Microsoft’s online play systems have been struggling to handle the vast number of players trying to log in and enjoy Titanfall.

A Microsoft statement regarding the update, written by their Chief Product Officer, also contains details about potential future updates. External hard-drive support is definitely being considered. With the large size of the mandatory install for many games now, let alone any additional content that players download, the 500GB hard drive that both next-gen consoles come with could fill up pretty quickly. While swapping out the hard drive in the PS 4 is fairly simple, it’s promising that Microsoft is aware of this potential future issue. Let’s not forget that the Xbox One is just at the beginning of its career, and over the span of years, it will likely see multiple changes and improvements.

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