Dota 2 combined with Pokemon is a thing now

Ever since Valve introduced the Workshop Tools Alpha earlier this month the Dota 2 community has been busy working on all sorts of great new mods for the game. First we’ve heard about something called Defense of the Legends, which is a Dota 2 vs League of Legends mod, and more recently we’ve spotted another interesting crossover in the form of Dotamon, a combination between Dota 2 and Pokemon. The game still plays out like a 5v5 deathmatch except that your goal isn’t to destroy the enemy team’s towers and Ancient this time around. There are two phases, the first of which lasts 15-20 minute and consists of capturing and training wild DotaMon in preparation for the second phase, which is essentially a 5v5 brawl in the middle of the map.

However, the map underwent some major changes and now consists of 8 areas filled with DotaMon and a separate area called the Arena where the final battle will take place. Naturally, since this is based on Pokemon you will control a trainer and let your Dotamon do the fighting for your. Your trainer is a Dota 2 hero equipped with 6 abilities useful for capturing and summoning the creatures as well as sending them to the Dotamon Center where they will be stored until players decide to summon them for battle. Each of the 151 Dotamon has a total of 4 active abilities and a passive one. However, a Dotamon only starts off with one damaging ability and you will need to help it evolve in order to gain access to the remaining ones. As for items, these are more or less similar to what you will find in Pokemon rather than in Dota 2.

“A player can either purchase items from the shop or receive them as random drops. There are several types of items. At the moment, these items consist of different classes of Potions to heal the active Dotamon and elemental stones. Elemental stones cannot be purchased at a store and must be found as a drop. Thankfully, these items are fully shareable which encourages team-play. If you aren ‘t going to use a stone, give it to a teammate that will! There have also been stories of incredibly rare orbs which can summon legendary Dotamon if taken to the right place…”

Dotamon is not available at the moment in the Dota 2 Workshop, but the creator hopes that it will be once everything is sorted out and the mod is ready for play.