Grand Theft Auto V – The Chiliad Mystery

Grand Theft Auto V and The X-Files are not two things you would immediately think of together. However, with a long weekend of gaming upon us after the GTA V release on XBox One and PS 4, there’s no better time to dive into the Chiliad Mystery.

Those that have logged plenty of time in Grand Theft Auto V may have noticed some oddities like UFOs scattered in the sky, underwater and on cars and buildings, those weird pictures on Mt. Chiliad, and unexplained green lights. So what’s the big deal? These seemingly random paranormal instances appear to be a part of what many are hoping is a larger storyline in the Grand Theft Auto folklore that began with the paranormal references in GTA San Andreas.

The Chiliad Mystery is named as such because there is a mural and the phrase “come back when your story is complete” located at the top of Mt. Chiliad. The mural atop Mt. Chiliad contains a UFO, an Egg, and a Jetpack. So far, nobody is certain whether these three items are references to locations, rewards, or even symbolic representations of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

GTA V Mural on Mount Chiliad

Many believe that by getting 100% in Grand Theft Auto V and using Scooby Doo style deduction skills to suss out the answers from clues scattered across San Andreas will unlock some reward or larger Easter egg of new content. So far, dedicated players have been able to get a UFO to appear hovering at the top of Mt. Chiliad during a rainstorm while the rest still remains a mystery.

Since the PS 4 and XBox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V have added tantalizing and confusing new elements to the Chiliad Mystery, those seeking answers are hoping that new clues will be unearthed as players grind toward the 100% completion mark. Ready to live out your Mulder and Scully paranormal investigation fantasies? Join the other truth seekers in trying to get to the bottom of the Chiliad Mystery. The truth is out there!