Dying Light Season Pass Announced

Dying Light season pass was announcedtoday by developer Techland. The Dying Light season pass will cost $20 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The season pass is made up of three expansions, all bringing in additional missions, weapons and outfits. The three expansions have been given some detail by Techland.

  1. Cuisine and Cargo – this will be the first expansion available and will be released in February of 2015. The expansion consists of two tough missions designed to provide a large challenge to players. Most of it will take place indoors with multiple infected inside with you. On is in a restaurant and the other a loading bay of a railroad yard.
  2. Ultimate Survivor Bundle – this expansion is light on content and instead focuses on adding items to the game, seven total. Three are outfits and the remaining four will be blueprints for new weapons.
  3. The Bozak Horde – this introduces a new map playable in both single-player and cooperative play. IT takes place in Harran Stadium where you take on infected in a horde mode. The horde mode is hosted by a “mysterious psychopath called Bozak.”

Dying Light releases on January 27, 2014, and the first season pass DLC will arrive a month afterwards. Techland in the same announcement detailed Dying Light Ultimate Edition which includes the season pass. However there is no price yet but pre-orders will be available this week. Dying Light standard edition is already available to pre-order on the PlayStation Store. Techland is known for their work on the Dead Island series, a first person RPG where you attempt to survive a zombie outbreak. Dying Light is also first person but is more focused on a survival-horror theme. The Dying Light season pass will expand upon Dying Light’s formula of freerunning based movement in its open world, with night time being pushed as when your life will be most threatened.