Nintendo eShop Update December 18, 2014

The Nintendo eShop update December 18, 2014 is now live! The Nintendo eShop Update is published by Nintendo every Thursday for their Wii U and 3DS systems . This update includes full digital titles, Virtual Console releases and smaller indie titles. It can be a lot and while you could read the full text on Nintendo’s press site, we thought you would prefer to get the gist of the update along with some recommendations on what to keep an eye on.

Nintendo eShop on Wii U

Meme Run– So I don’t exactly know how to describe this. The game’s trailer makes fun of the YouTube videos featuring 360 no scopes and as the title would suggest, various memes such as, “rekt” “illuminati” “dank” “swag points” and “doge.” The game itself is an endless runner with randomly generated terrain, and gameplay appears to be seizure inducing just like that one episode of Pokemon. Strangely it appears they take clips straight from Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and just put it in the game, as well as the hit marker and a frog that is unfortunately not Hypnotoad from Futurama. Seriously this thing is crazy. The developer, Ninja Pig Studios, also published a game called IQ Test which was a copy and paste of an iOS game. The game is $4.99 and I feel bad for anyone who purchases it.

Nintendo eShop on 3DS

I Love My Horse– This is a Nintendo 3DS game where you get to play with a DS graphics quality horse and engage in “an enthralling, 18-chapter story.” Unfortunately I don’t think anyone is going to be paying $24.99 to review this, although there is a free demo available.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D– The best entry in the Metal Gear Solid series is now available digitally for your 3DS system. The graphics have been paired down a bit compared to the HD rerelease and a “Photo Cam” that takes pictures and transfers them into a camouflage used in-game.

Virtual Console

Natsume Championship Wrestling (Wii U)- this was an SNES game released in 1994 for North America only. It is also a conversion of the Japanese game, “Zen-Nippon Pro Wrestling Dash Sekai Saikyo Tag.

Mega Man Zero (Wii U)- This Game Boy Advance game is quite popular among Mega Man fans, as it continued the Mega Man X story-line. Zero wakes up 100 years after the Mega Man X saga. It was released in North America in 2002 and was so popular they made three sequels on the GBA.


  • MegaMan V ($2.49)
  • Mega Man VI ($2.49)
  • Mega Man VII ($3.99)
  • Mega Man II ($1.49)
  • Mega Man III ($1.49)
  • Mega Man IV ($1.49)

And that’s it for Nintendo eShop Update December 18, 2014. The highlight would either be MegaMan V-VII or Metal Gear Solid 3D if there is no other way for you to play that game. It requires no knowledge of previous Metal Gear games and tells a great standalone story heavily inspired by James Bond and other spy thrillers of the 60s.