The Secret World Holds “Christmas Conspiracy” Event

The Secret World is a MMORPG that allows players to play as members of secret societies, such as The Illuminati and the Templars. To help celebrate the holidays, The Secret World will be having a “Christmas Conspiracy” event.

Starting now, players of The Secret World can immerse themselves in a deep conspiracy that kicks off with a showing of the Magic Flute in London. Players will travel to Venice to discover a masonic tomb filled with the remains of Saint Nicholas himself. Using puzzles from Mozart’s Magic Flute, players can uncover a dark scheme that must be stopped. Events from previous years can also be enjoyed. Players can take on massive monsters in the Mayan End of Days, or battle Krampus and Hel in Niflheim.

During the “Christmas Conspiracy” event, The Secret World will have a number of new pets, funny hats, outfits, and more for the holidays. Players can get the new items through the new Rucksacks of Saturnalian Delights, which can be obtained as rewards for the Christmas Conspiracy and Krampus missions, and can be purchased in the item shop. Players can also buy the Bag of Wassail, which not only gives them a bag with the new items, but also up to 20 players around them. If the bag is used around at least 10 other players, then gamers can be rewarded with a new dance.

In The Secret World, players join either the Illuminati, the Templars, or the Dragons. The game uses a contemporary setting, and borrows heavily from horror fiction and folklore. Unlike other MMORPGs, there is no need to stop to use most special abilities, keeping the game at a faster pace. Also unlike other MMORPGs, characters in The Secret World advance through equipment rather than levels, with experience points instead being used to buy additional abilities and better weapons.

The Secret World is available on PC. The holiday events take place from now until the 5th of January. Players can do a lot these holidays as they solve puzzles, take in an opera, take on Hel, battle monsters, get a funny carrot nose, and adopt an undead polar bear pet.