A New Lord of the Rings Total War Mod – Rise of Mordor

Total War: Rise of Mordor is currently in development and is set to be a total conversion mod to recreate the world of Middle Earth in a Total War game. When Medieval 2 came out way back when, a group of developers created the Total War: Third Age mod. This was hugely popular and still sees use today. In fact, fans have even been asking for an official Total War game in the Lord of the Rings universe. So, there is probably more than just a few people who have been hoping for this announcement. A new group has recently taken it upon themselves to create a more modern recreation of Middle Earth in the style of the immensely popular Third Age Mod. With the recent release of the Assembly Kit for Total War: Attila it seems it’s now possible for this to be created; and the devs have transitioned their development to Attila to take advantage of the new modding tools.

There are plans for Rise of Mordor to have a completely new world map, and they currently have four different races to be played: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs. These four races are broken down further into sub races, as with Attila, allowing teams like Rohan, Gondor, Arnor, etc., to coexist under the Human branch. They’re hoping to include all seven of the Dwarven houses, as well as various elfish and orc/goblin/uruk-hai teams. They are also even hoping to include four branching religions to be included into the game. Using the Terrain Raw Data pack they’re attempting to recreate various well known cities, like Minas Tirith, to include on the campaign map. You can check out an overview of various unit models and the current plans for Rise of Mordor here.


If you’re interested in further information the link to their forum page can be found here.

Total War: Rise of Mordor is obviously an incredibly ambitious project and is still currently under development. But fans of the Third Age mod, Lord of the Rings, or even those simply looking for something different before the release of TW: Warhammer may want to keep this project on their radar.