Ryse: Son of Rome will show its best on a powerful PC

Ryse: Son of Rome, the third-person action adventure title, will be coming on PC this October 10th, almost one year after the game was released on Xbox One. Crytek worked around the clock to create a PC version that will be highly rich in graphics detail, with a bunch of customization options, so that the player will be able to tweak the game’s graphic options by his own liking. Ryse: Son of Rome is centered around the life of fictional Roman centurion Marius Titus who is bound to become the general of the Roman Legion. He will lead his army into historic battles, and will smash through Celtic barbarians in an attempt to avenge his murdered family.

As explained on Crytek’s official blog, this new PC release will have in store a lot of tricky stuff not only detail and customization wise, but also in terms of content. Starting with the 4K Resolution Support, Crytek has decided to give Ryse a bump towards next-gen gaming and showcase a whole new volume and finesse in graphic detail. “In Ryse, the results of 4K support can be seen in the jaw-dropping textures, shading and more – bringing ancient Rome to life like you’ve never seen it before.” Moving on, the graphic tweaking settings are pretty complex. As promised, the game will support a 4K resolution (Ultra HD resolution) of 3840 × 2160. The Super-Sampling option is also available in order to give the game a smoother performance – the super-sampling option limit is 2×2, and it also can be set on 1.5×1.5, or turned off.

Other fancy graphic features like Native Upscaling, Shadow Quality, Temporal Anti-Aliasing, Lock FPS, Rendering Resolutin and much more, are comprehensively outlined on Crytek’s official blog. By now, it is crystal clear that Ryse: Son of Rome will be very hungry specs wise and will need to be fed by a high-end machine that can weather this famish. Regarding the additional content players will be enjoying, producers announced that they will launch four DLC packs that were previously released on the Xbox One version of the game. These packs will include twelve new Multiplayer maps, a brand new Survival Mode, and five new gladiator skins. The game is now available for pre-order on Steam. For more information, check out the Crytek official blog.