Windows 10 Beta for Xbox One Announced – Sort of

For anyone that is following the transition of Microsoft devices to Windows 10 you may be aware that the new OS is predicted to be releasing sometime late this summer. That means that there is the potential for it to be arriving on your home desktop as early as July or August. The new OS is going to be released running on DirectX 12 and so it is said to give your system a bit of a boost for your games. But, Windows 10 is also set to be slowly staggered to other Microsoft devices: phones, tablets, and even Xbox. Eventually every Windows device will be running on the same system. But, it seems that Windows 10 will be coming to Xbox sooner rather than later. Yesterday, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, tweeted that the Xbox beta will be arriving “post-summer.”

It seems as if Microsoft is trying to give their console as much an edge as possible over the PS4, as soon as possible. With DirectX 12 the Xbox One is predicted to see huge gains in performance graphically. Neowin claims that the same hardware that runs DirectX 11 will see a doubling of performance running on DirectX 12. This would be huge for Xbox, considering it’s current sub-par performance when compared to the PS4. Those often heated debates over Xbox’s 900p vs. PS4’s 1080p would theoretically become a thing of the past.

But Windows 10 will also bring other significant changes. With all of Microsoft’s devices running on the same system, Microsoft is introducing remote play between their devices. If you want to play your console game on your PC, you can. If you only have one controller you can play multiplayer with a friend from home, one on the PC and one on the Xbox. The new changes will also provide greater interactivity between all of your devices through a new hub. The new OS will be released first to those on the Windows Insider Program, as is usual, but it seems that those wanting to get their hands on Windows 10 for their console will have the chance to test out the beta sooner rather than later.