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Hi I'm Daniel and I'm an aspiring writer, avid gamer, and wanna-be cook; I'm not quite certain in which order. I like all things RPG and if that means swords n' spells, all the better. But, provided it has a good story I'll probably want to try it regardless of what it is. I'm a Windows junkie, and I spend my time gaming on Xbox, PC, and my 2DS.

A Preview of Xbox One’s MOBA – Smite

Smite Banner

Smite has been available on PC for a little over a year now, it officially released back in March last year. Since then Smite has made its way onto the Xbox One and is currently in Beta for the console. You can try and get a hold of a code, or you can drop $30 for the founders pack that ...

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Amazon Leaked a New 1TB Xbox One Console Bundle


Fans have been requesting it for ages. And it seems as though Amazon has accidentally gone ahead and leaked it ahead of E3. But, from the information posted it looks like Microsoft has been planning on unveiling a new version of the Xbox One console for E3. The new console doesn’t appear to be anything fancy, if you’ve been expecting a ...

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Windows 10 Pros and Cons – Will You Make The Switch?

Will you make the switch to Windows 10?

By now you may have noticed the new little Windows icon at the bottom right of your computer screen. That new logo has been patched in to anyone’s PC with an officially registered Windows 7 or 8.1 OS; if you can see it that’s because you qualify for the free upgrade to Windows 10. Clicking that link opens a small ...

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Neverwinter on Xbox One – Rise of Tiamat Arrives This Month

Neverwinter Logo

If you’re an Xbox One owner and you haven’t heard about Neverwinter, you may want to check out this article by a fellow LTG writer on why they believe it belongs on everyone’s console. It is after all, in my opinion, a thoroughly enjoyable MMO despite its faults; and because it’s free it’s a great way to see the potential of an ...

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Dark Souls 3?

Dark Souls 3 rumour

If you’re familiar with the Dark Souls franchise then you know that these games are typically quite slow in releasing. Dark Souls came out in 2011, and Dark Souls 2 came out in 2014. That’s a solid three year gap between iterations. But, the first official trailer for Dark Souls 2 came out way back when in 2012, only a ...

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Microsoft Has Purchased The Company Behind The Wunderlist App

Microsoft has purchased Wunderlist

6Wunderkinder, the developers of Wunderlist, have announced today that they will be joining Microsoft in the tech giants most recent acquisition. If you’re unfamiliar with Wunderlist it is a productivity app that allows you to make and share lists across devices and with multiple people. The app was rated as the best to-do-list app last year by The Verge; needless to ...

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A Windows Phone App Review – Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft: Relic Run

The Windows Phone app ecosystem often, and with reason, receives criticism. The Windows Phone app selection isn’t as great as iOS or Android, and many of the WP’s titles come no where close to parity with its competition. It’s one of the biggest things holding Windows Phones back. If you’ve ever played something like Infinity Blade on iOS, WP apps ...

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Teaser Trailer and Box Art Released

Rise ofthe Tomb Raider

There had been rumblings that something was coming soon for Tomb Raider and it looks like it finally happened. Today a new trailer and the game’s box art have been revealed a few weeks ahead of E3 where we will undoubtedly see more. Until then, when can only enjoy the new trailer called “Aim Greater” that pries into what it ...

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Steam Summer Sale Date Has Been Leaked

The Steam Sale date has been announced

It seems like it’s that time of year again, almost. Summer is just around the corner and for PC gamers that means Steam’s Summer Sale is on its way. Good news for gamers, bad news for wallets. In case you missed it, IGN Russia discovered what may have been an accidental post on Steam’s behalf announcing the sale’s date. It appears ...

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