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Hi I'm Daniel and I'm an aspiring writer, avid gamer, and wanna-be cook; I'm not quite certain in which order. I like all things RPG and if that means swords n' spells, all the better. But, provided it has a good story I'll probably want to try it regardless of what it is. I'm a Windows junkie, and I spend my time gaming on Xbox, PC, and my 2DS.

Halo 5: Guardians E3 Gameplay Reveal

Halo 5: Guardians at E3

Everyone had been expecting it, waiting for it, and 343 delivered. 343 Industries opened for the Xbox E3 conference to reveal a gameplay trailer of Halo 5: Guardians. The reveal gave us gameplay trailers from the campaign as well as multiplayer, offering us a pretty good glimpse of what’s to come. The Campaign will follow two separate squads of Spartans: one ...

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Xbox Game Preview – Early Access on Console

Xbox Game Preview

Today at Xbox’s E3 conference they announced a new feature for the console called Xbox Game Preview. The new feature will be available immediately, so feel free to jump onto your console and check it out. The new feature is essentially early access, like on Steam, but on your Xbox One console. If you sign up for the program you ...

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Xbox One Will Be Backwards Compatible

Xbox One will be backwards compatible

It actually happened. The biggest flaw in this generations consoles, in many people’s eyes, was that both consoles never had backwards compatibility. It seemed like a silly decision, especially because the prior generation had made this possible. For many, those old consoles and their games were either traded in, or sat and collected dust as newer consoles and games began ...

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Virtual Reality Exclusives – A Good or Bad Thing?

Virtual reality exclusives - a good or bad thing?

A couple of days ago Oculus held a conference to unveil the consumer version of their Rift headset. The conference was also in place to reveal several surprises: an Xbox partnership, a 10 million dollar pool to help indie developers, the announcement of various companies that are already on board developing for Oculus, and some Oculus exclusives. If Oculus was ...

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A Few Xbox One Exclusives Are NOT Coming To E3

Xbox One Exclusives not at E3

With E3 just days away, and all of the hype that comes with it, it may come as a surprise that Microsoft announced that several of their exclusives won’t be making an appearance at E3. And this is despite Phil Spencer’s claim that “this year we have the greatest games lineup in Xbox console history.” So whatever it is that ...

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The Rift Between Facebook and Windows – Facebook Connect No Longer Connects

Facebook Connect for Windows

Facebook and Windows seem to have fallen out with each other. Strange considering Microsoft’s recently announced partnership with Oculus – owned by Facebook. Facebook has updated their graph API, their post states that the move was in response to feedback that people want more control over where and when their information gets shared. This also makes changes for people who are ...

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Total War: Attila – The Last Roman Campaign Pack Announced

The Last Roman Campaign DLC announced

There’s another Total War DLC on the way! But, before we all throw our hands up in disgust at EA and vow to never let our wallets meet the aforementioned DLC, an ever more increasingly common reaction to Total War DLC, let’s take a look at it. The past few DLC’s for Attila have added various new factions and graphical changes. ...

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Submit Your Own Artwork To Make Reginald the Great 2

Reginald the Great 2

Earlier in the year a free Child of Light E-book was released called Reginald the Great. The book was put together by a small group of individuals including Patrick Plourde, Child of Light’s creative director, and was illustrated by Serge Meirinho. Reginald the Great’s art style, arguably the book’s biggest draw, kept in theme with the games wonderful atmosphere. To continue in their project, Plourde announced ...

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Xbox One gets a HD Streaming Boost with HEVC

Xbox One gets HD HEVC

Earlier this month, Larry Hryb tweeted that an Xbox One update would be going out with a few background changes to prepare for the future. The new update changes may be in regards to the coming Windows 10. But, who knows. Your Xbox One will get a small update today. No new features. Just a few behind the scenes changes ...

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Amazon is Making a PC Game


Amazon is always trying to diversify. Now when I saw that Amazon was planning on making a game I assumed that it would have something to do with their Fire series. They have been quietly developing several games for the medium over the past year. And they have had some success in their endeavours; Lost Within topped Apple’s top game ...

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