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Dark Souls 3 rumour

Dark Souls 3?

If you’re familiar with the Dark Souls franchise then you know that these games are typically quite slow in releasing. Dark Souls came out in 2011, and Dark Souls 2 came out in 2014. That’s a solid three year gap between iterations. But, the first official trailer for Dark Souls 2 came out way back when in 2012, only a year after its predecessor hit the market. There is somewhat of a precedent for the franchise to announce its games incredibly early. And rumour has it, that From Software may be repeating that same pattern. VG247 received a currently unconfirmed rumour that the Dark Souls 3 game will be announced at this years E3. But until this can be confirmed, it is entirely speculative.

It’s just that despite what I mentioned earlier it does feel like the timing is far too early. The rumour states that Hidetaka Miyazaki, who helped direct Dark Souls and Bloodborne, will be returning to get involved in the new game. However, this only seems to confuse things as Miyazaki is still a director for Bloodborne and it makes far more sense that he would be more involved in the promised upcoming DLC for that IP. If this does prove to be true, I’m sure fans of the Dark Souls franchise will be excited to have Miyazaki heading the team again and involved in the game’s development.

Unfortunately, other than this, the rumour had little else to say. It is currently unknown what platforms the new game will be released upon. However, rumour speculates that the reveal will be a part of Sony’s E3 conference suggesting that it will probably be on the PlayStation. There were also no details about the game or what it involves. But, if its a Dark Souls game you can assume that the gameplay will be brutal in keeping with the franchise’s iconic difficulty. Please keep in mind that this rumour has not been confirmed by From Software or Bandai Namco, and until we actually see the Sony E3 conference this rumour will probably remain purely speculation.

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