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Strati is the world’s first 3D printed electric car

The world’s first 3D printed electric car, called Strati, was taken for a test drive last week at the McCormick Place in Chicago as part of the International Manufacturing Technology Show. The 3D printed electric car was manufactured by Cincinnati Incorporated with the help of Jay Rogers from Local Motors made entirely out of carbon fiber plastic. The 3D printed ...

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Print your own asteroids with NASA!

Courtesy of NASA, those of you who have access to a 3D printer can now revel in the possibilities of creating your own galaxy by printing almost any outer space object you desire to include in your design. You can create your own fleet and make-believe a space-exploration by 3D printing the models (beta) NASA has posted in its library. ...

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OwnFone launches in the UK with Braille buttons

The world’s first braille mobile phone, the OwnFone, has been officially launched in the United Kingdom. Considering how far we’ve come in terms of technology, you would assume that such a device targeted at the visually impaired would already be on the market, but it seems that was not the case until now. OwnFone, a company that specializes in such ...

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Lix Pen. A professional yet still fun 3D device

The Lix Pen is a professional device that gives you the possibility to draw exceptional 3D images in midair, challenging your creativity. Remember how you used to draw images with your finger in the air, trying to explain something? Well, now you could actually materialize that image thanks to the Lix 3D Pen, so these ordinary habits of gesticulating while ...

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