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Onigiri is a Crazy Awesome MMORPG

Onigiri was released in Japan last year, and now it’s finally available in North America. Though you could technically access the game from any Xbox One in the world by changing the system settings, it wasn’t very useful unless you can speak Japanese. After playing the Japanese version for a bit, I couldn’t wait for the game to launch in North ...

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Elder Scrolls Online To Go Free To Play

Elder Scolls Online free to play PC/MAC March 17 2015

Zenimax and Bethesda have come to a decision to make Elder Scrolls Online free-to-play on PC and MAC begining March 17, 2015 and in June 9 they will launch ESO on Xbox One and Playstation 4 (ESO on consoles will be free-to-play also).   According to this anonymous source, there are reports that are surfacing internally that going free-to-play will be ...

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