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Banggood G26s Smartwatch – Discreet and Powerful


Smartwatches are really cool. However, sometimes you just don’t want to wear a really bulky one, but you would like to have the features in a more delicate-looking device. The Banggood G26s smartwatch serves this purpose perfectly. It looks more like a bracelet than a smartwatch, but it offers you all the features a smartwatch could. It is more discreet, so you ...

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Meet Nixie, the selfie drone


Drones are one of the most intriguing developments on the gadget market of nowadays. From smartphone controlled toys to camera rigs to Amazon’s drone shipping concept, the devices have gotten more and more advanced. Intel has an ongoing project called “Make it wearable”. They give prizes and grants to developers of mobile gadgets. This year, one of the finalists is ...

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10 Awesome Gadgets you should check out


Technology nowadays has advanced a great deal compared to even 5 years from now, and it keeps advancing day by day. Everybody can easily become fascinated with all the high-tech gadgets appearing all over the world. There are so many examples of productive and innovative uses of technology, that if one wants to review everything that is worth a shot, one ...

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New Google Glass Patent Spotted


Google Glass users have been rather unsatisfied with the design of the smart glasses so far, saying that the technology was far too obvious. The main concern of people spotting Google Glass users was that their privacy was being invaded by the gadget. The fact that outsiders may not realize when the device is in use leaves them suspicious about the ...

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Vysk QS1 the king of privacy


This phone case is the perfect example of how the issue of privacy has become marketable by the savvy and how technology might be what proves people to be convinced of their constitutional rights. Not of course without Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal’s help, of course. Vysk Communication has seized the opportunity and created a high tech phone case ...

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