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Windows 10: biometric security feature confirmed


Windows 10 is set to be released sometime this March, with a Technical Preview already live and available for insiders. Windows 10 for Phones technical preview is also available for insiders, if you’re wondering. While all that is interesting, we just got word that Microsoft has indeed confirmed that the brand new operating system will feature biometric security. If TouchID ...

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Install Windows 10 Preview on any Windows 8 Phone


Curious to see the Windows 10 Preview for smartphones on your device? Angry that the preview isn’t officially available for all Windows 8 Phones? The diligent developers over at the XDA Developers forums have found a solution for you, albeit a bit unorthodox. Last week, developers managed to make Windows 10 Preview accessible for all Lumia devices running Windows 8, ...

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Windows Phone 8.1 getting second major update after MWC


The Microsoft software team is diligently working on making Windows 10 for Phones available in the near future, but that doesn’t mean their current software release, Windows Phone 8.1 will be left behind. Even though the majority of phones running Windows Phone 8.1 will be updated to Windows 10 soon enough, Microsoft is still going to keep support up for ...

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Microsoft Virtual Academy: the challenges of the future


The Microsoft Virtual Academy has kicked off a new challenge for developers and those who are interested in software development, called the Know It – Prove It Challenge. Through the Microsoft Virtual Academy, tech enthusiasts can make use of the services and resources made available through the platform in order to create their own software solutions in the cloud or ...

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Microsoft buys N-Trig for a new research team


Microsoft is reportedly buying N-Trig, the firm which has made the critically acclaimed Surface Pens. The styli manufacturer is going to be integrated into Microsoft’s Israeli branch where they will be making up a new research and development center for the Redmond-giant. Reuters reports that Microsoft is going to pay around $200 million for the company and all of its ...

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Windows 10 for phones coming on 1316


If that release date for Windows 10 for phones confuses you, it’s natural, you’re not missing something. Gabe Aul of the Windows Insider Program proposed a riddle for fans of Microsoft. If you can solve it, you will find out exactly when Windows 10 for Phones will be revealed, at least when it comes to the technical preview. He did ...

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Windows 10 for phones coming to low-end Lumias, too


Windows 10 for phones will not only be available for flagship smartphones with high-end hardware, as Joe Belfiore, from the Windows team of Microsoft confirmed that the team is working on making Windows 10 for phones compatible with low-end and mi-drange smartphones, like the Lumia 520. These phones come with only 512 MB of RAM and many were suspecting that ...

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Windows 10 Phone coming from LG and Verizon


Microsoft is heavily dominating headlines this week, as various new screenshots and leaked images of Windows 10, Windows 10 Phone and Project Spartan are flooding the internet. The latest rumor about a Windows 10 Phone has emerged today saying that LG and Verizon are teaming up to release a flagship running the brand new mobile operating system in the future. ...

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Project Spartan emerges in screenshots and photos of Windows 10


When Microsoft discussed Windows 10 last week, the company also unveiled Project Spartan, the browser that will be replacing Internet Explorer. Once Windows 10 is ready in the Summer of the year, Spartan should also make an appearance as the next-generation browser that takes the best from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and slaps it together into one great browser. ...

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MineCon 2015 Details Announced


Good news for Minecraft fans; Mojang has announced that MineCon, the annual Minecraft convention, will return in 2015. The popular convention used to be held every year, but Mojang skipped last year. Even though Microsoft currently owns the rights to Minecraft, it’s expected that Mojang will still take part. The studio who created Minecraft says that MineCon is the place ...

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