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MOTA Smart Ring is the new addition to wearable tech


Not that smartwatches weren’t enough, but they weren’t as practical as a smart ring could be. That’s what ¬†MOTA probably thought when coming up with the idea of the new wearable they’ve announced yesterday. Smartwatches are practical, of course, but imagine if you could get all your notifications right on your finger, on an even smaller screen that can alert ...

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Check out the new Nod ring, a new generation of wearable devices!


Who knows if the designer of the Nod ring concept was inspired by fantasy movies or his creativity and practical sense is just truly impressive. Ex-Google engineer Anush Elangovan invented the Nod ring, a smart ring worth 150$, that allows its wearer use his finger as an input and control device. Nod enables the user to interact with anything around ...

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