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iPhone 5S battery drain causes and solutions


The iPhone 5S is one of the most popular Apple flagships at the moment, even though two newer smartphones from the company, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were already released in September. There are Apple fans out there who would rather keep their iPhone 5S because it is still an up to date phone that can guarantee ...

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New iOS 9, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus details emerge


As usually the case, Apple is keeping quiet about its upcoming flagship phone release. We’ve seen the same type of silence before the launch of 2014’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and before the launch of previous models. Most insider suggests that once again, Apple will aim for an improved version of its latest model this year, building the iPhone ...

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iPhone 5s iOS 8 battery life


The iPhone 5s is the last flagship from Apple before the iPhone 6 fiasco and while millions have already turned to the newer phone, there are still a lot of Apple fans out there who would rather keep their iPhone 5s. Yet another segment of the population was affected by the iPhone 6 launch: Android users. Even though most Android ...

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iPhone 6 overheat in iOS 8.1: possible fixes


There are users out there who are still reporting iPhone overheat issues, even after updating to iOS 8.1, which was supposed to solve most of the problems owners had with previous iOS versions. Mind you, iPhone 6 overheat occurs a bit when charging, but that shouldn’t be worrisome, because according to Apple, it is a normal process. Nonetheless, users still ...

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Your iPhone 6 games have just gotten more expensive


Rising prices are never good news, but alas, that’s what we have to report. Apple has just raised the minimum pricing for games on the App Store, so if you were looking for some cheap games for your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’re either going to have to face some bigger prices, or should buy some now, before ...

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Privacy glitch in OS X Spotlight reveals IP addresses, but you can fix it

A privacy glitch in OS X reveals sensitive user data when Spotlight searches are performed

An alarming privacy glitch in OS X Yosemite was revealed today, analysts saying that through the glitch, bots, spammers, phishers and online tracking companies can pull e-mail addresses, IP addresses and other personal information without the user’s consent. According to various tests performed by IDG News Service as well as the original discoverer of the privacy glitch in OS X, ...

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iOS 8.2 update fixes battery drain issues on the iPhone 5

The iOS 8.2 update release is most likely set for March, alongside the Apple Watch

The upcoming iOS 8.2 update should focus on fixing know issues we’ve had with iOS 8.1.2, the latest iOS update form Apple released for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the iPad line-up. The release of iOS 8.2 is nearing, employees in Apple stores already reportedly testing out the software to see whether it needs more tinkering with. ...

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Flexible iPhone might put an end to ‪#‎bendgate‬


With the launch of the LG G Flex 2, people are starting to get more and more interested in flexible, bendable phones and Apple seems to be catching up to the latest trend. A patent for a flexible iPhone has been given to the Cupertino-based company by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. While the patent unveiling isn’t a ...

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