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A fresh iPad Pro chassis leak shows off a massive tablet

The iPad Pro chassis looks bigger than ever in fresh leaked photo

With CES 2015 underway, some of us tend to forget that many OEMs are not part of the craziness this time of the year, and are silently working on their future releases. In the craziness, we might miss a new leak about a certain product and we can’t accept that, since Load The Game loves leaks and loves speculating about them. Our newest series of leaked photos introduce us to the alleged iPad Pro chassis, which is looking humongous!

The iPad Pro chassis is the most leaked part of the upcoming Apple slate so far, since probably it is the easiest part to come by in the manufacturing facilities. A series of leaked photos reveal a build that seems like something made for testing power-tools, honestly, suggesting that we might be looking at a wonderfully durable and sturdy iPad Pro in the Spring or Summer of 2015. From these leaked photos depicting the iPad Pro chassis we can actually speculate that we might not be looking at a 12.5 inch slate from Apple, rather an even larger 12.9 inch tablet with an aluminium alloy chassis.

We can’t vouch for the reliability of these iPad Pro chassis photos, so you should take them with a grain of salt, in case we are mistaken in our speculations. Nonetheless, from what we can see, we can only identify a camera slot on the rear of the device, but not much more. Since the iPad Pro is still a long way from being released, we are quite content with the new find. Rumored specs for the device suggest that Apple will be catching up with other manufacturers who are already putting extremely high-def displays on their devices and slapping the iPad Pro display with at least a 2732*2048 resolution, which would be nice indeed.

Apple has supposedly commissioned the manufacturing of the Apple A9 chipsets, so it’s possible that iPad Pro specs will include the Apple A9 or even an A9X chipset. If that will not be the case, we will surely see at least the Apple A8X chipset running the show, backed by at least 2 GB RAM on board. TouchID will also definitely be featured on the Apple tablet so that we can benefit from secure authentication and mobile payments in the future. The supposed release date for the iPad Pro is set between April and June 2015 so our summer should begin with a nice new tablet to celebrate the holidays with. Do you think the images are actually of the iPad Pro chassis or do you think these rumors are but dust in the wind? If it turns out that the upcoming slate is as big as 13 inches, would you be interested in buying it or do you think Apple should turn it into a convertible?

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