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What Are The Best Free Antivirus Programs Available for Download?


Better safe than sorry goes the saying, right? Well, the principle applies to PC users too, and with more and more features available online (such as online shopping, paying of bills or even taxes, bank transfers and more), it has become a prime concern for users to get the best possible security solutions for keeping trojans and malware out. A ...

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Factory reset on Android devices leaves sensitive data in storage


Avast, the security software company known for their anti-virus program, has revealed how much personal information can be retrieved from Android phones that have been factory reset. During a research project the company bought a number of smartphones from eBay and were able to access highly personal information despite the fact that all of the devices had been factory reset ...

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Top free download antivirus software 2014


Keeping your computer secure is a must these days and there are certainly a lot of free antivirus programs that can help you with that. Having a good antivirus that can take care of all the pesky malware  is very important. Choosing the right software for the job is just as important, and that’s what we’re here to do. This ...

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