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BlackPhone tablet coming soon


Silent Circle, the makers of the privacy-minded and expensive Blackphone, has revealed that the company is working on a new addition to their privacy-centered portfolio, in the form of a tablet. Silent Circle in cooperation with Geeksphone have made the Blackphone the favorite device of those who are fans of encryption and privacy. The BlackPhone, while expensive, does offer a ...

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Vysk QS1 the king of privacy

This phone case is the perfect example of how the issue of privacy has become marketable by the savvy and how technology might be what proves people to be convinced of their constitutional rights. Not of course without Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal’s help, of course. Vysk Communication has seized the opportunity and created a high tech phone case ...

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Blackphone, the private smartphone, begins shipping to customers

The Blackphone has officially launched and is now shipping to customers who had pre-ordered the device. The privacy-focused smartphone is aimed at those who are looking to keep their personal information secure. It not only closes back doors on traditional operating systems that would usually allow others to access your information but also encrypts phone calls and other communications. First ...

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