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Pushbullet update now lets you answer Hangouts, WhatsApp from the desktop


Pushbullet is one of my favorite apps because it pushes all the notifications from my phone, including e-mails, phone calls, text messages, Hangouts messages and WhatsApp messages to my laptop. Moreover, Pushbullet also lets me act on those notifications from my desktop and sends me either to the Facebook website or extensions on Chrome, or to a desktop application that ...

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Say goodbye to Google Talk, hello to Hangouts


Indeed, Google Talk will be discontinued this week, only to be replaced by Hangouts as the official communications application from Google. The features found within Google Talk are now mostly found in Hangouts, so you’re not going to be left with an incomplete service, just a differently branded one. If you still are a Google Talk user, you have probably ...

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Google purchased Emu, the Siri-like mobile app

Google purchased a new messaging application called Emu, a former IM Client that stood out in the market due to its smart features. Emu was released as a beta earlier this year and was often compared to Siri, the virtual assistant that automates tasks based on conversations. The similarities between these two go even further, considering you can schedule meetings, ...

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New Gmail interface looks like Google Plus

Leaks showed that Gmail is going through a major change in regards to the webmail client interface. Screenshots now show that Gmail interface changes almost completely, making it look more like Google Plus,  replacing the sidebar with a slide-in panel, moving the “compose” button to the bottom right corner and adding a new, smart feature: reminders.  This way, Gmail will work ...

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