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Project Zero aka Samsung Galaxy S6 specs leaked

Project Zero aka Galaxy S6 specs leaked

We had just learned that the Galaxy S6 was awaiting a redesign by Samsung and the new model is supposed to be called Project Zero. While the announcement of a redesign for the 2015 flagship from Samsung might be a little late, we’re not sure if the company had been working on a new design for the Galaxy S6 for ...

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Intel Skylake-S Chipset Specs Leaked

Intel Skylake

Intel is planning on releasing a replacement for the Core i7 4790 sometime next year and according to online publication Fudzilla, the new unit will be the Skylake-S 14nm CPU. It is rumored that Intel will launch this new CPU at Computex 2015, which kicks off in early 2015, or somewhere around June 2015 at the latest. The Skylake-S requires ...

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Nvidia Gefore GTX 980M gets unofficial benchmarks and specs


After last week’s rumors of an upcoming GM200 GPU for top of the line 980 GTX Ti or GTX Titan Black, this time we kick off with some intriguing leaks on what will be the mobile version for the current GTX 980, the GTX 980M. Game-debate.com came out yesterday with a feed in which unconfirmed benchmarks and specs of the GTX ...

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New GM200 GPU rumored for Nvidia GTX 980 Ti or GTX Titan Black


Just over a week since two of Nvidia’s notorious “big dogs” have launched – the GTX 980 and GTX 970, and already we are getting rumors regarding the new super high-tech Nvidia GPU: the GM200. PCTuning.com is a Czech PC tech website that got their hands on some inside info on the specs of what will allegedly be the next GPU for ...

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