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New GM200 GPU rumored for Nvidia GTX 980 Ti or GTX Titan Black

Just over a week since two of Nvidia’s notorious “big dogs” have launched – the GTX 980 and GTX 970, and already we are getting rumors regarding the new super high-tech Nvidia GPU: the GM200. PCTuning.com is a Czech PC tech website that got their hands on some inside info on the specs of what will allegedly be the next GPU for the upcoming GTX 980 Ti or GTX Titan Black. Although we are just at the rumor stage, the publication says that this information was provided from a backstage source which seems to be aware of Nvidia’s future plans. This just might make sense. The new GM200 GPU does not have a name yet, but it may very well be Nvidia’s back pocket weapon against AMD for later in the year. See below the leaked specs:


  • Die Size: 551mm^2
  • SMMs/CUDA Cores: 20-22/ 2560-2816
  • Memory Bus: 384 Bit
  • Performance: ~50% Boost over GTX Titan Black
  • Launch date: Q4 2014

According to the Czech source, the professional and gaming versions of the new GM200 GPU will be released simultaneously, but it is possible that Nvidia will stick with this GPU exclusively for the professional market. The renown card manufacturer is definitely planning something, as the customer samples for the new GM200 GPU have already been tested. So, this might indicate that we will see the new GPU in the following months judging by the release pattern of the current Maxwell GM204 powering the GTX 970 and GTX 980. This information has not yet been confirmed, but whatever the case, we will be getting an insanely powerful graphics card. The question remains if the future card to be housing this new GM200 series will be the GTX 980 Ti or the next GTX Titan Black. There are speculations that we will be seeing a GTX Titan Black II in 2015 fueled by the above mentioned GM200 GPU.

Other sources are also taking into account the possibility of a GTX 990 release, which is expected to be firing through a Maxwell GM204 dual-GPU. All we know is MSI impatiently awaits a faster chip to fit on their high-end Lighting cards. Something big is definitely cooking in the oven, we’ll see what it is.


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