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Destiny composer Marty O’Donnell wins court case against Bungie

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Marty O’Donnell, the former composer for Bungie that was perhaps best known for his work on the soundtracks of the pre-343 Industries Halo series, has won his lawsuit against Bungie. The lawsuit was brought about when Marty was fired sometime in April 2014, 5 months before Destiny came out, and had his stock in Bungie taken away. As it was stated in the court papers ...

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Bungie’s “Destiny” gets a launch trailer


The launch trailer for Bungie’s “Destiny” was released today. It shows impressive graphics and action packed combat scenes. The trailer emphasizes on the game’s strong points, notably the graphics, gameplay, the huge universe and the multiplayer mode. “Destiny” will be released on September 9th, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. The game is published by ...

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Bungie ordered to pay Marty O’Donnell $95,000


A King County Superior Court judge has ordered Bungie to pay Martin O’Donnell $95,000 in legal costs and compensation. The judgements accounts for unpaid work and unused vacation time amounting to $38,385 along with damages of $38,385. The rest of the settlement comes in interest and legal fees. The court order comes after O’Donnell sued Bungie and chief executive Harold ...

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Halo 5 may not feature the series’ legendary soundtrack


Shocking news greeted game soundtrack lovers today, as legendary Halo theme composer Marty O’Donnell has been laid off from Bungie. Bungie had been involved with the development of the Halo series for a considerable time, and while it’s currently working on a different project (the highly anticipated Destiny), it seems to have given up on the services of talented composer ...

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