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Indie Spotlight: ICY – A Review


Inner Void Interactive’s first game, ICY, is an interactive story game set in a post-apocalyptic tundra. It’s a world with lots of snow and not much else, and this new landscape has been aptly titled the White Wastes – a barren, seemingly inhospitable landscape full of bandits and beasties. A new ice age has arrived and you’re an avalanche survivor, suffering from amnesia, who was ...

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Choice and Consequence in Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 Poster

Choice and consequence is kind of a big deal in games these days. Look at any of Tell Tale’s games, Mass Effect, or more recently The Witcher 3. Gamers like to feel like their decisions hold weight in their game’s world. Now Rock Band 4 is set to follow suit, but maybe not quite to the same extent. The newest iteration ...

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