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Aria’s Game of the Year Winners – 2015

As we turn our backs on 2015, it’s time to round up our favorite games of the year. We saw a lot of excellent video games last year, and everybody has their own list of favorites. I thought that a fun way to start off the year would be to share my favorite games of 2015 with you. So, without ...

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Are Amiibo Cards the Future of Amiibo?

Not too long ago, Nintendo announced that they have shipped around 10.5 million Amiibo since their launch late last year. However, we’re all aware of the issues surrounding the availability of Amiibo figures. Some figures are damn near impossible to find, and even if you can find one for sale, it’s probably from a scalper who’s going to charge you way ...

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Steam’s New Refund System Doesn’t Hurt Indies

Just a week ago, Steam introduced something that the PC gaming market has been asking for for a long time: A reliable way to refund your purchases. When this launched, it was hailed as one of the greatest things that Steam has done for some time – and it seems like the perfect solution to many of their problems. No ...

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Fallout 4 Is Off To A Troubling Start

A few days ago we were treated to the trailer for Fallout 4. We all looked wide-eyed at the mysterious announcement, watching the countdown to the trailer in child-like excitement, and devoted the next day in its entirety to analyzing it. We all love Fallout, and we’ve been waiting for the announcement to the next entry in the series for ...

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In Defense of Easy – Thoughts on Difficulty

easy difficulty

Difficulty settings are commonplace in modern games, but it wasn’t always that way. In 1974, Speed Race showed up in arcades. This was one of the very first games (if not the first game) to include difficulty settings. Since then, a large majority of video games have included difficulty options, and this has created something of a rift between gamers with different tastes. I ...

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3 Games That Create Engaging Open Worlds

While reading up on a few games earlier today, I got the thought into my head that I’ve gotten to the point in games where I no longer want an open world. The novelty has worn off on me, and I’m sick of playing games with a few interesting areas and miles and miles of content-void land on their map. ...

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Let’s Discuss Review Scores

*These opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of any of my fellow journalists at Load The Game* Review scores have been a hot topic in the gaming community for quite a while now, but have seemed to explode in social media over the past few months. With the popularity of video game journalism and content creators ...

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5 Indie Games You Can’t Afford to Miss

Independent developers are coming out with some of the most unique and innovative games each year. More and more, we are seeing the spotlight turn away from buggy, triple-A releases and focusing instead of these incredible indie experiences. However, with so many releases, it can often be nearly impossible to keep up with, let alone play every indie game that ...

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Delays in Gaming: Pros and Cons

Game Release Delays

Delays of your most anticipated games can often be frustrating. A game that you’ve been waiting months, even up to a year for, has been delayed and now you are forced to wait even longer for it to release. Frustration is the natural reaction to disappointment; however, it is important to understand why it is that games get delayed in ...

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