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Polaroid reveals Oppo N1 clone and gets in trouble because of it

We’ve seen Chinese copies of popular western products on more than one occasion in 2014 but this year has started with an American company cloning a handset manufactured by a Chinese one. Specifically, Polaroid recently unveiling their Selfie smartphone at CES 2015 and it looks strikingly similar to the Oppo N1. One of the most notable features of the N1 and ...

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OPPO N3 to be available with two different builds

We had reported earlier that the OPPO N3 was going to be made out of aerospace grade materials, which will make it not only durable, but light and maneuverable. These rumors have been confirmed and the OPPO N3 will probably be made out of an aluminium lithium alloy. We don’t know much about the actual specs the OPPO N3 will ...

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OPPO N3 will be attractive after all

Just a few days ago we were raving about the OPPO N3 and its tubular rotating camera design which was leaked in some renders all over the internet. We had said that the design would be an inconvenient one and might not be suitable for the OPPO N3 design. It turns out we shouldn’t have got so hyped up about ...

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OPPO N3 rotating camera might look strange

OPPO has been a notable presence on the market in the past few months with the OPPO N1, N1 Mini, Find 7, Find 7a and Neo 5. Lately, we’ve heard rumors of an OPPO event coming up next month with the OPPO N3 as the main attraction. The OPPO N3 has been rumored to come as the successor of the ...

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OPPO N1 might be getting a successor

The OPPO N1 is a phablet which stands out from the crowd with its rotating 20 MP rear and 13 MP front camera and 5.9 inch Full HD display, aside from its $300 price tag. The N1 was launched in September 2013, so we feel we’re ready for a successor, and OPPO might be in agreement with us. Since the announcement ...

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Oppo N1 Mini images leaked one day before release

The Oppo N1 Mini will be officially announced tomorrow, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing the device today. A few images presenting Oppo’s latest handset in all its miniature glory were leaked a short while ago. While a shrunken version of the Oppo N1 is indeed welcomed, its name can be a bit deceiving. Oppo N1 Mini’s display measures no less than ...

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