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Samsung Z1 vs Nokia Lumia 525 – Affordable alternatives

Samsung Z1 vs Nokia Lumia 525 comparison

With Android and iOS dominating the market, you’ll be hard pressed to find a good smartphone that runs on a different operating system. That’s precisely why I figured that some of you may be interested in some alternatives, so I decided to dig around a bit and see what I can find. As fate would have it, the Samsung Z1 was finally ...

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Tizen-based Samsung Z1 shows up in leaked photos

Samsung Z1 showcased in new set of leaked photos

Samsung have been trying to launch a phone running on their in-house Tizen operating system for the longest time now without any real success. The company was forced to delay the device several times in the past due to various issues, but now it looks like we’re finally going to see it early next year. Entitled Samsung Z1, the first ...

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Cheap Samsung Z1 running Tizen OS launching in January

The Samsung Z1 is set for a January launch date, bringing Tizen along

Tizen OS is something many of you haven’t even heard of, yet the Samsung Z1 smartphone will be running it. We heard about a new Tizen-powered smartphone in the making, but it’s nice to know that finally have confirmation that we would be able to actually test the new OS in January 2015, on the cheap Samsung Z1. Previous announcements ...

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