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The Samsung Z1 is set for a January launch date, bringing Tizen along
The Samsung Z1 is set for a January launch date, bringing Tizen along

Cheap Samsung Z1 running Tizen OS launching in January

Tizen OS is something many of you haven’t even heard of, yet the Samsung Z1 smartphone will be running it. We heard about a new Tizen-powered smartphone in the making, but it’s nice to know that finally have confirmation that we would be able to actually test the new OS in January 2015, on the cheap Samsung Z1. Previous announcements suggested that the Samsung Z1 would be launched in December in India, but it seems the company has pushed back the release date.

Even though Tizen might not be something many would be interested in, since it has little support and might be a bit too similar to TouchWiz, Samsung went ahead with it and put its trust into its own OS. Samsung is trying to get its own representatives in the entry-level smartphone market in emerging countries as well as China. We are supposed to be seeing new Tizen smartphones being launched in China and South Korea next year.

The Samsung Z1 should end up being a great example of a decent entry-level smartphone. Samsung officials declared the the launch would happen on January 18, 2015, in India. As our title said, this device would be cheap, and we were not just trying to get your attention, since the Samsung Z1 will be priced at around $90, which is indeed pretty affordable. That doesn’t mean that you will be getting an excellent smartphone with out of the ordinary bang for buck, though. Samsung Z1 specs include a 4 inch display with a 480*800 resolution, dual core Spreadtrum CPU, 512 MB RAM, 3G, Wi-Fi, a 3.2 MP rear camera, BGA front camera and dual-SIM capabilities.

As you can see there’s not much to say about the Samsung Zi save for the fact that it runs Tizen and is really cheap. We are looking forward to getting our hands on the cheap smartphone and we’re curious enough about Tizen. With the low price and easy to use OS, the Samsung Z1 should fare well in developing countries, but we can’t say for sure yet.

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