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What are the iPhone 6 and 6+ repair costs?


If you’ve bought an iPhone or you are planning to in the near future you’re probably concerned about how much it will cost to repair if it breaks. Videos with the device cracking and bending have gone more viral than hit songs. There have only been 9 reported bent iPhones in the first week. Apple representatives said replacing the phone on ...

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Apple is launching its new iPad and iPad Mini


Apple is preparing to reveal its newest iPads sometime this quarter, or at the beginning of the next, as Bloomberg suggested in a report. The production of the full-sized iPad has already begun, but as the same report stated, the company may have encountered some problems. The idea of a next quarter launch was backed-up by a statement that suggested ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 makes fun of the iPhone 6 in new commercial


Although the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 commercial does a great job at advertising the flagship’s screen, it does an even better job at making fun of iPhone users. As most of you are surely aware by now, the iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a larger display than its predecessor. The commercial seems to be referencing that very fact, and ...

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New iPhone 6 leaked photos were revealed today


As usual, most of the tech consumers can already imagine how Apple’s next flagship will look like. In this case we are talking about the next iPhone 6 and the truth is that we get excited every time a new leak is spotted. This time, new iPhone 6 leaked photos came up on a Taiwanese singer and actor’s Weibo page. The ...

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New Chromebooks to be released after Intel and Google team up


Most of us have probably heard by now about the new generation personal computers running Chrome OS as its operating system ( OS that uses Linux kernel and Google Chrome browser plus integrated media player)  Being similar to netbooks, the internet connection is vital but quite a large collection of apps can be used offline, too.  What consumers enjoyed most ...

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