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Next generation smartglass debuted at Wearable Tech Expo

Pivothead introduced its next generation smartglass today at the New York Tech Expo. Pivothead’s SMART (Simple Modular Application-Ready Technology) line begun when the original Pivothead product launched in 2012, but their next-gen smartglass surpasses Pivothead’s initial attempt at wearable devices. The new Pivothead’s main attraction is the fact that it can stream live footage and the relatively acceptable retail prize ...

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The Sense: invisible high-tech sleep monitor

It’s not actually invisible, but you surely don’t notice the effort you have to put into monitoring your sleep via the usual wearable devices or smartphone apps. The Sense is a sleep monitoring device designed by James Proud’s Hello company. The device is a small sphere decorated with geometric patterns and intricate design hiding a device that is quite smart. The ...

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Meet SWIP3: the first game for Android Wear

The Android Wear category has been stacked with specific apps and wearable device users are satisfied with the way the OS works, but there haven’t been games designed for the OS so far. SWIP3 is the first game specifically designed for wearable devices, and it is a standard swiping game where you have to match colored blocks in rows and columns; ...

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