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Born in the same year as Luigi and sporting similarly distinctive facial hair, I'm privileged to have experienced the expansion of my favourite industry ever since. I'm a self-certified advocate of all things nostalgic, but my absolute highest regards are reserved for blue hedgehogs, blue skies and broken sound barriers.

3 Types of Mini-Games that you are likely to find in Video Games

Video games continue to excite and innovate. One of the best features about video games is the mini-games that are contained within their universe. These minigames can offer something separate and unique away from the main gaming experience. These minigames can also become highly addicting to their relatively simple gameplay. In some video games, they are merely a side thought, ...

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The undeniable appeal for online gaming

As fans of gaming, we can all be guilty of adhering to the toxicity that’s often involved within the various online communities. We only have to look at how we address other gamers who go against the characters we ship to see that this is true, or look at how we disregard players who prefer console games to PC ones. ...

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How to master the rummy winning strategies?

Indian Rummy is a very popular game and it is no wonder that everyone loves it. It is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon or an evening with your family or friends. Naturally, in order to master this game, players first need to understand the rules. Also, players need to be skilled, use their memory and focus ...

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Top 3 most well-paying Microgaming slots you should know about

Microgaming, a name that’s recognised as one of the most popular developers of online casino games, offers a wide range of slot machines catering to all kinds and levels of online slots players. This allows the casino players to not compromise on the quality of the games they play and yet bet amounts that are convenient for them.   Every ...

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Revising the Many Franchises of Konami

Unless you’ve been living under a cardboard box for the last few weeks you’ve no doubt been struck by news reports of Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima parting ways with Konami, his studio of residence for almost 30 years. To many observers the announcement hit like a monolithic rock plunging into the relative stillness of the videogame pond, of which ...

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Nintendo reports First Annual Profit since 2011

For the first time since 2011, Nintendo’s profits are on the rise. On Thursday the Kyoto-based video game giant reported annual operating profits of ¥24.7 billion and a net profit of ¥41.8 billion ($350 million) for the fiscal year ending March, from ¥549.8 billion in revenue. The figures are a substantial improvement over Nintendo’s own prediction of a ¥30 billion profit, and  a clearly successful reversal ...

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