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Spencer is a lifetime gamer, and not just of the video variety. Although most of his time goes into his love of video games, he also can't turn down a few rounds of Magic: the Gathering. He specializes in opinion writing, as well as Xbox 360, and Xbox One game reviews.

A Sinking Ship: the Rise and Fall of SEGA

SEGA was founded in 1940; in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally calling themselves “Service Games,” the company at the time produced coin-operated slot machines. But it wasn’t until more than 40 years later that the soon-to-be monolith would really establish itself in the hearts and minds of many. With SEGA SG-1000 video game console and onwards, the famous and once-king of the video ...

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Project CARS: Will This put Forza on the Ropes?

Being a long time Forza veteran, I expected to pick up Project CARS today and jump in to another relatively easy going racing game. I could not have been more wrong. After the game installed (about thirty minutes when installing from the disc) I booted up the first option available: a quick play that would drop me into any race of ...

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